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Primal Warrior Combat Series
4 Discs
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Rick Hernandez
Extreme Self Defense
Primal Warrior Combat Series DVD Set by Rick Hernandez
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Primal Warrior Combat Series

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Primal Warrior Training teaches us to go beyond the human condition. The Human condition is to quantify, qualify,and codify all things. We often let socially agreed factors like size, human aggression, and status determine the outcome of violent situations. For example; you or I land in Folsom prison tomorrow, our appearance and the way we handle ourselves would be immediate factors on how the Human Prison predators would deal with us. If we appear weak or soft, the predators would be a coming knocking on the door quick. If we appear to have knowledge, skills, and abilities, the appropriate Race would send a scout to recruit, while the hyenas would plan a team assault to scavenge on your pickings.
Primal warrior training Creates an understanding of combat from beginning to end. Each level of training will enhance our physical and psychological understanding of violence. One of the most important elements in combat is the ability to improvise but it is essential to know and understand exactly what you are executing to in order be truly be spontaneous!

It takes an especially dedicated individual to go through the whole process of training. Our training is taken from cultures that have developed incredible warriors and then “We beat the human out of you” We must now face the challenge of our own violent society.

Fighting is often perceived as an exchange of each individual's fears in physical manifestation. This is why such so-called fights have prolonged exchanges or fighters end up wrestling on the ground. True combat is about survival! This exchange is explosive and final! We have a responsibility to develop other skills to avoid physical violence. This is where we can implement the more socially Human elements of our training like skills in verbal de escalation and planning for avoidance and escape strategies.

Advanced techniques simply mean that the threat has been elevated as the opponent's skill level has risen, therefore we must constantly train and study to adapt and overcome. There must be a constant study of not only the physical but the social and psychological aspects of violence. ethical elements. We have the responsibility to teach Real World Survival Training that will adapt to our present and future society! This means that we must offer a complete approach to survival tactics. The information must be provided in an objective, clear manner appropriate for people from all backgrounds, and skill levels.
Series one: Developing the skills ,Professor Hernandez guides you Primal movement drills that will help you maximize explosive aggression speed and power in your strikes.You will learn how to generate whole body power with the Tracking ,Pivot, Stomping, and Power Point methods and learn how to hit with primal abandonment. Prof. Hernandez will also guide you through the "Whatever, "Wherever, and "Whenever striking system and how to plug it into any combat situation.
Series Two: Refining the Skills, Professor Hernandez goes into detailed explanation of how you can implement Colapsed, Extended, Power, Percussive, and Adhesive Impacts and how to plug them directly into your combat arsenal.
Series Three: Using the Skills, Professor takes you into the mind and methodology of the Predator and shows you how to survive the Knife and Gun! using the Body State and Intent training from Developing the Skills, and Refining the Skills.
Primal Animal Aggression Combat Tactics

Professor Hernandez guides you through the combat tactics of the Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and Hawk!
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