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Wing Tsjun
3 Discs, $35.97

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Tommy Luke Boehlig
Extreme Self Defense
Reality Fighting
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Wing Tsjun DVD Set by Tommy Luke Boehlig
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Wing Tsjun

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Wing Tsjun is known around the world as one of the most effective and aggressive systems of self-defense.
Developed about 300 years ago during the Chinese civil war to conquer predominant Shaolin styles, the system has been passed on among families and friends and has been improved over centuries until it finally reached todays high efficient form.
Thommy Boehlig -- a man considered a hero among elite German military police units – and with some serious wrangling and guarantees of security I managed to get him here in the U.S. to share what he knows.
Thommy Boehlig is the second highest ranking Master in the world of this rare fighting art (#1 in the Western World) that is well known for its brutal, vicious and nearly unfair form of personal combat. It is so effective that one German State demands that ALL police recruits learn Wing Tsjun. Yet, despite it is simplicity and ease-of-learning… Wing Tsjun remains a rare combat system here in the U.S.
I know I have said I will never get into martial arts styles. But when Bruce Lee credits Wing Tsjun as the basis for his revolutionary Jeet Kune Do… well I had to pay close attention.
Here is why. Thommys Wing Tsjun involves a powerful fighting technique consisting of very simple (and easy to master) moves that will instantly – and with nasty, bloody results – end any confrontation right then and there.
Boehlig is so good at teaching this exotic, simple system that he was asked to provide close-protection for such famous people as Cardinal Machado (from the Vatican) and Buddhist high priest Zuiou Inuoe. Boehlig has been down in the dirt with his art spending 8 long, bloody years as the main “go to” bouncer for the toughest and most dangerous clubs in Germany. (In Cologne, notorious for immigrant thugs who use guns and knives to settle minor arguments.)
We are honored that we were able to convince Thommy Boehlig to cross the pond and share his stuff with us at Fight Fast for you to learn and master
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