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Splashing Hands, Volumes 1-9
9 Discs
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James McNeil
Kung Fu
Catch Wrestling
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Splashing Hands, Volumes 1-9 DVD Set by James McNeil
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Splashing Hands, Volumes 1-9

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Splashing Hands, developed at the Shaolin Temple in the late 1700's, is a close in fighting system of kung-fu. It was taught to those monks who were in charge of guarding the temple gates. Splashing Hands, named for the way the hands move as if one is shaking water from them, is valued for its explosive, high-speed hand and footwork and its simultaneous offensive and defensive techniques. Historically, only a relatively small number of students learned this system. Even after Splashing Hands was introduced to fighters not associated with the Shaolin Temple, it never became a widely-practiced art. Those who knew the effectiveness of the system were reluctant to share their knowledge with others.

Splashing Hands is an extremely practical, no-nonsense art. It features quick shuffling footwork, similar but faster than that used by the famous Mohammed Ali, and low-focused straight leg kicks. These are combined with jabs, punches, elbows, hammer-fists, chops and finger pokes thrown with blinding, machine gun-like rapidity. Opponents have a difficult time defending against the kind of attacks carried out by a fighter trained in Splashing Hands because of the speed with which the techniques are delivered as well as the sheer number of strikes and kicks the opponent has to deal with in a short period of time.

In reality, a streetfight should last no more than 10 to 15 seconds. Splashing Hands is structured to fit this time frame. It accomplishes its goal using lightning kicks to the knees and groin coordinated with the high speed barrage of various hand techniques. Today, many martial arts emphasize kicking to the head, chest, or other high targets.
This is the complete set of Splashing Hands that can be found on Mr. MeNeil's website.
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