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The Combative Body
1 Disc, $11.99

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Vladimir Vasiliev
Training and Conditioning
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The Combative Body DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev
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The Combative Body

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Systema offers a remarkable set of Russian Health practices of Tissue Annealing, such as Bodyweight Massage, Percussive Massage, Joint Tapping, Visceral pressures and more.
Shown to you in great detail, these methods are clear, easy-to-understand and very intuitive to learn.
Vladimir Vasiliev presents these essential practices on his new DVD - THE COMBATIVE BODY
If you do any sport or exercise, if you teach or coach, if you have any injuries to heal, if you wish to be stronger, faster, more flexible and resilient, if you wish to prevail in fights and in survival, if you would like to get rid of tension, stress and negative emotions, if you have any interest in getting more healthy, calm and powerful - you must learn from this film production.
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