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Pistol Drills
2 Discs, $23.98

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Kyle Lamb
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Pistol Drills DVD Set by Kyle Lamb
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Pistol Drills

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Pistol Drills DVD series, by Kyle Lamb brings you battle proven tactics and Pistol handling techniques. This is extremely aggressive, no nonsense threat assessment and elimination skills. This is perfect for those individuals who wishes to enhance their gunfight survivability in the real world.

Disk One:
Bill Drill:
Half and Half Drill
1-5 Drill:
Reload Drill:
Triple Threat:
El Presidente:
Driving the Gun Drill:
Added Video (Pistol Technique)
Fighter Stance:
Pistol Grip:
Sight Alignment/Trigger Manipulation:
Pistol Draws:
Pistol Reloads:
Driving the Gun:

Disk Two:
Tripple Nipple:
El Pollo Diablo:
Tri Lambda:
Highsmith Drill:
Zig-Zag Drill:
9 Hole Drill:
Strong Hand Shooting:
Support Hand Shooting:
Retention Position:
Barricade Firing Positions:
396 Drill:
Rifle Reloads:
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