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No Lie Blades
2 Discs, $23.98

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Hank Hayes
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No Lie Blades DVD Set by Hank Hayes
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No Lie Blades

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No Lie Blades DVD, by Hank Hayes is an eye-opening video series that will more than introduce you to the lethality of the knife and edged weapon encounters. The No Lie Blades System is used by high-risk operators who are in the face of life-and-death combat environments daily. No Lie Blaes courses are not passive training experiences, nor is this video.

This video will give you the blue-print of successful winning movements and tactics to handle a committed predator possessing an edged weapon and when necessary the tool to execute compound violent strikes. No Lie Blades training utilizes the left and right side of the brain to accelerate this learning process.

Emotional anchoring techniques are used to dramatically increase tremendous psychological and physical performance results, by the time you've viewed both DVDs you will be armed with the truth about edged weapons encounters, and from viewing this video series you will be much more mentally and combatively effective in neutralizing all aggressive attacks with or without Edged Weapons.
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