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Extreme Close Combat Shooting
8 Discs
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Tim Larkin
Target-Focus Training
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Extreme Close Combat Shooting DVD Set by Tim Larkin
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Extreme Close Combat Shooting

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Extreme Close Combat Shooting DVD series, by Tim Larkin is a brand new program is nearly 7 1/2 hours of video footage packed on to 8 DVDs including THE most cutting-edge, extreme close combat shooting training in existence anywhere in the world today.

First release into the civilian world of a new personal-protection system taking the worldwide Spec Ops community by storm. Shows you how to work with a firearm or weapon (or recover its use) in extreme close quarter violence. Parallels almost all TFT's basic Principles. It's the first time in over 20 years of teaching personal protection at the highest, most-lethal levels I've recommended another instructor's program.

DVD #1: Introduction & Targeting (TFT)

DVD #2: ICC Principles

DVD #3: Draw sequence & Extreme Close Shooting

DVD #4: Examples of Violence (TFT) PLUS Weapon Failure

DVD #5: Extreme Close Shooting-Variable Angles/Disarms

DVD #6: Q&A, Recovery from being Hit

DVD #7: Dealing with an Active Shooter

DVD # 8: Video Footage of an Actual Live Afghanistan Attack
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