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Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course
4 Discs
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Larry Yatch
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Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course DVD Set by Larry Yatch
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Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course

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Larry Yatch's Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course is the first and only firearms DVD training course that teaches scientifically validated techniques to reprogram your startle response so that you automatically and instantly respond to threats without delay or hesitation.
The Sealed Mindset approach just doesn't teach people how to shoot guns; it goes WAY beyond that, in fact, they teach using an approach that's completely revolutionary to the firearms industry. They do that for a reason! a reason that is completely missing from other firearms courses out ther

Larry Yatch and I'm a retired Navy SEAL and a current firearms and self-defense expert. If you happen to have read Dick Couch's best selling book, "Down Range," on Navy SEALs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the second chapter tells some of my story. I was still "under the radar" when Dick wrote that, so he used the name "Sean Yarrow" to protect his identity.

The Sealed Mindset training team has over 100 years of combined military and police experience from Army Rangers, Army MP Tac teams, a Force Recon Marine, 2 Navy SEALs, and police SWAT sniper commanders. They pooled their vast experience, battled, pressure tested, and continuously modified the program until they had the most effective system they could make.

Here is what you get. 4 hours and 56 minutes of DVD instruction

You'll learn how to seamlessly integrate

Situational awareness

Deterrence strategies

Fighting to your gun with empty hands

Effective use of your gun in a self-defense situation

How to transition to using your pistol as an impact weapon if it malfunctions

Three types of instruction are included in each module

Classroom Instruction - gives you the background, shows you scenarios, compares other approaches, and teaches you how to do the skill

Dry Fire Drills - where knowledge in the mind becomes high quality muscle memory, as you develop neural pathways that you can depend upon under extreme stress

Live Fire Drills -
consciously and subconsciously validate the effectiveness of your dry fire training

Topics Include:

How to neutralize and reprogram your body's natural startle response

How to prevent and correct Linear Range Training Scars

How to train your mind to detect, while blindfolded, the difference between how a gun feels when it cycles properly, when the slide locks on an empty mag, and when you have a malfunction

A simple system of analyzing people and locations, explained by a counter-terrorism expert, to quickly and easily determine your TRUE level of risk in any situation

The most effective way to transition between multiple targets
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