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Speed Shooting
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Simon "J" Racaza
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Speed Shooting DVD by Simon "J" Racaza
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Speed Shooting

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Speed Shooting DVD by Simon "JJ" Racaza to the Kem-'ba-tivz family. Along with concentration, consistency, and accuracy, speed is an essential attribute for a pistol shooter. Indeed, speed can often be the difference between who lives and who dies in a gunfight. The bad news is that speed can only be achieved through long (and often expensive) hours of training.

An early prodigy, Racaza started shooting a 1911 .45-caliber at the age of 8 and developed into one of the fastest pistol shooters in the world. Racaza was the U.S. Gold Team leader for the 2011 World Shooting Championships, and currently is an active federal agent. In this video, he shares his hard-earned knowledge and experience as a shooter. Strapped for cash at the beginning of his career, Racaza trained and improved his skills mostly through dry-fire training, spending at least 45 minutes a day mastering his pistol and using a mirror to refine his body posture and movements. This method helped him to carefully consider and drill all aspects of pistol shooting, from initial grip, draw, and presentation to trigger control and firing shots. Racaza's method of training revolves around the rhythm of the shots fired. In step-by-step drills, he teaches trigger preparation, recoil management, sighting, driving the weapon between targets, static and dynamic shooting, fast reloads, instinctive shooting, and shooting from behind cover - all while incorporating the speed factor into each movement
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