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Combat Strikes 1,2,3 & The Other Hand
2 Discs, $23.98

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Hock Hochheim
World War 2 Combatives
Extreme Self Defense
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Combat Strikes 1,2,3 & The Other Hand DVD Set by Hock Hochheim
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Combat Strikes 1,2,3 & The Other Hand

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Hock Hochheim's DVDs Combat Strikes 1,2,3 and The Other Hand comes from Hoc's decades of study in military combatives, Police, and Martial Arts.

"These subjects were first filmed, on 'ancient video' tape back in the 1990s. However, Hoc had learned so much since then and added so many important exercise, speed, flow and skill drills. He simply had to create this new improved version in 2013. This is the complete history, explanation, and workouts with these vital, three strikes. Newer things like 'While Holding' and 'While Held.' All strikes are vital, but not all things can be jammed into a proverbial 'Level 1,' so we have to break them out into a progression or series." - Hock

You have invaded in. Entered. You've dealt with the enemy's lead arm and hand, but what about the other limb? The other hand? Is it ready to blast you or actually blasting you? Is it covering his head or is it elsewhere?

You will learn:
Strikes 1, 2, 3 Lectures
Stop 6 applications
Combat Clock
Delivery and Ready Stance/Position Tips
Eye Thrust
Eye Hook
Eye Flick
Eye Rake
Eye "Windshield Wipers"
Finger Throat Pinch
Army Gouges
Palm Strike
Gerber Strike
Web Hand
Forearm Strikes
Gauntlet Runs
Strikes While Held
While Holding
While Standing
While Down
Skill, Speed & Flow
Vintage Footage

The tactics of the "Other Hand."
Tactical arm-to-arm reference points.
How to detect what the other hand will do.
Moving, manipulating and capturing the other hand.
Defeating his various arm positions.
Checking thrusts and hooks
Defeating his hooking attacks.
Defeating his thrusting attacks.
Follow-up combat scenarios with takedowns
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