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Complete Combat
5 Discs
$59.95 $44.95
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Scott Bolan
Extreme Self Defense
Reality Fighting
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Complete Combat DVD Set by Scott Bolan
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Complete Combat

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Scott Bolan's Complete Combat DVD teaches you the very best of what actually WORKS, so you can learn 300x faster than everyone else out there, without having to waste time & money. This is an easy-to-learn program, no matter your level of experience. This series is based on Martial Science. Not Tradition, Sports, or Gurus. It cuts out all of the crap & fills in all the gaps, and because of that it will give you survival skills that could save your or one of your loved ones lives. Simplicity and Not Complexitity!


Develop unheard-of Power, Strength and SPEED

3 Master Keys to do damage with every strike

How To Quickly Take His GUN and KNIFE away

DOMINATE any violent encounter with Complete Combat's "End-It-Quick-and-BRUTAL" tactics.

Defend yourself anywhere, anytime, and fight successfully in any range, from any position

How to BREAK THE NECK of an attacker like snapping a pencil

DESTROY a Bigger, Stronger Attacker
Take-Down Impossible:

How To Stop a Groundfighter cold (this is nasty stuff)

Stealth-Fighting: They won't know what you're doing until they're BEATEN

Passive, Medium, and Lethal Force

The huge difference between a street fight and a cage fight (and how you can use it to win)

Your Body-and-Mind WEAPON

8 Joint Cranks to Seize and Control anyone.. and more!
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