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3 Discs, $35.97

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Louis Gutierrez
World War 2 Combatives
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ISR MATRIX DVD Set by Louis Gutierrez
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VD 1- Intercept | DVD 2- Stabilize | DVD 3- Resolve

DVD 1 - Intercept: entering, closing the distance and acquiring position
Detailed Instruction of:
- The Helmet
- The Dive
- Drags
- The Forklift: interviewing platform and neutral structure
- The Helmet: primary interceptor
- The Dive
- The Underhook & Pike: primary position in both the first two phases of the matrix
- Clearing and Catching
- Hand Fighting: one of many training methods
- Arm Dragging
- The Wrist Weave: unique entry from transporters and escorts
DVD 2 - Stabilize: establishing control, destabilizing and grounding
Detailed Instruction of:
- The Underhook & Pike
- The Wrist Weave
- The Harness
- The Brace Position: primary position to neutralize striking
- The Harness: very secure body lock to resolve the situation or wait for back-up
- Front Headlock
- Knee Blocks
- Knee Bumps
- Shaking out the Blanket: related to Harness, for setting the subject down
- The triple threat vs. Underhook & Pike: versatility against three subject resistances
- Quarter Position: the primary safe position for takedowns
- Back Position
- The Wrist Weave: as an effective takedown
DVD 3 - Resolve: establishing position, securing options and creating resolution
- The Triple Threat
- The Teams, Escorts and Transports
ISR LE Bonus Footage covering:
- The S -Position: safety position and primary platform for resolution and cuffing.
- Arm Wrapping: a unique method to completely control and turn a subject
- Straightjacketing
- Mount Transisions
- Knee Ride
- Side Ride
- Rides not Hooks: a preferred platform from which to cuff

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