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Real World Combat - 4 Disc Collection
4 Discs
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Glen Boodry
Extreme Self Defense
Reality Fighting
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Real World Combat - 4 Disc Collection DVD Set by Glen Boodry
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Real World Combat - 4 Disc Collection

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Glen Boodry is a full instructor for Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts (including the Estalilla Kabaroan System, as used by the feared 1st Filipino Infantry during WWII). Trained with "real world" grappling master Larry Hartsell as well as numerous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions in South America. If that's not enough, he also holds Black Belts in two different Korean martial arts and is a Master instructor of krabi-krabong, the deadliest blade fighting art in the world!

Here is just a taste of his vast military experience:
He provided personal protection to Hamid Karzai — the current President of Afghanistan. This duty was "Class One" dangerous, with numerous on-going assassination attempts. Boodry often had to fight crowds of attackers, without being allowed to kill anyone because of the extreme politics of the situation. So he relied ONLY on this stunningly-effective fighting system he developed, and had to USE it daily.

He is one of the US Governments top "Classified" counter-terrorism specialists. That got him shipped immediately to the Middle East once the heavy fighting began. I cannot give you current details of his whereabouts over there, or his current duties… or the military brass would come down on both of us like a ton of bricks. But he is there, fighting. (His main occupation is a "sniper/counter-sniper Team Leader", which, despite the title, involves more hand-to-hand urban fighting than gun play… because you often have to fight your way though hostile crowds to reach snipers, before you can take `em out.)

He is considered one of the top specialists we have over there… because, among the many martial arts he's mastered, he knows the odd styles of hand-to-hand used by Middle Eastern terrorists. It's NOT karate or ju-jitsu. His special fighting knowledge has kept him in the HEAT of the War on Terror since 1989.

He is been a skilled martial artist since he was a kid, and is a recognized (and feared) expert at Muay Thai (with 14 wins and 7 knockouts as a pro fighter in Thailand). He is also spent serious time in the Philippines, and was there when Marcos was toppled and every American in town was a target. He and four other Spec Op soldiers had to fight — without weapons — for two solid days, against knives and sticks and really pissed-off mobs, before finally reaching an American base.

And a lot more. Hes fought vicious drug lords in Columbia (the kind who behead hostages faster — and with more pleasure — than the whacked-out terrorists in Iraq do)… and has been "loaned out" to big-city SWAT units to take out narcotic labs, as an Assault Team Leader. (The worst were the bathtub "meth" labs run by bikers unafraid to die.) He's been instrumental in over 750 "Code Red" cases, including suicidal hostage-takers.

Oh yeah… and he was a front-line Team Leader for Spec Op units during Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Shield, and the current Operation Enduring Freedom. Worked with Army Spec Op, Navy Special Warfare, Air Force Spec Op, FBI, DEA, DELTA… it goes on and on. Medals, citations and awards up the yin-yang. Has held Top Secret clearance (and you know what that means). And here's something you probably don't know: Boodry gets hired out ("on loan" from the military) to protect celebrities like Jay Leno and Marie Osmond… AND he often has to protect their bodyguards! Why? Because even big, hulking professional bodyguards don't understand REAL WORLD fighting in a way they can USE. (Though after seeing Boodry at work, they BEG to learn his simple system.)

Boodry is the most sought-after professional soldier/fighter/special operations leader you'll ever meet.

This is the first time that anyone outside the top secret U.S. Spec Op fighting units overseas has ever been able to know these "short-cut" fighting secrets even exist! If you act fast, you can see them for yourself, taught personally by the ONE man who developed this system and perfected it in real blood and real combat.

This set includes the following four DVDs:

1. Tactics & Principles Disc 1
2. Tactics & Principles Disc 2
3. Clinching, Takedowns, and Ground Fighting
4. Edged Weapons Systems

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